Midi mapping question - NS6ii

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Hi everyone. I've been using Traktor for 15 years and was gifted an NS6ii some time ago, and it has been collecting dust in a corner, as I'm not fond of Serato and don't intend to switch over. I recently pulled it out and started creating a map of all the basic features (cue, play, volume faders, etc.).

I wanted to move on to the more complex aspects involving Midi Out. After a lot of trial and error, I mapped the volume of Decks A and B to the appropriate VU meter (ch01.cc.031 and ch02.cc.031 respectively). When trying to map the Master Volume to the controller's LED, I discovered, when checking the drop-down list of midi out options, there are 16 channels, each has 127 "sub-channels" and about 30 additional "notes" that can be assigned to a function. Meaning there are thousands of needles in the haystack when searching for the right one!

My question is as follows: is there any way, any software, I could use to find each function of the midi controller in question beforehand so that I can know what to map to it, instead of the reverse? For example (as dumb and science-fiction-y as it may sound), something that triggers each possible midi channel for half a second so that it lights up and shows me what the right midi address is?

Short version: any way to find the midi address of something passive like a VU meter to map a Traktor function to it?

Alternatively, any simpler way to find out how to map a Traktor function (specifically the Master Volume L+R) to the appropriate LED?


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