I bought a library and didn't know it needed a kontakt license

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I live in Brazil and recently started composing soundtracks. As I live in Brazil, the conversion from dollars to reais is very high (1 dollar is 5 reais), it ends up being very expensive to be a composer here in Brazil. I bought an 8dio library that cost me 80 dollars (something around 500 reais), but I didn't know that their library didn't activate directly in Kontakt, which doesn't allow me to use it. I spent everything I had saved on the library because it was a really good library, but a kontakt key costs 200 dollars (something around 1000 reais), and since 8 dio doesn't offer refunds, I ended up not being able to use the library . Does anyone have a solution or would like to help me?



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    Did you receive more files and information inside your installation of 8dio library besides the instruments?

    Maybe there will be the text about activating the product.

    Or it is better to just make sure you have a full version of Kontakt, not the Player version.

    With Full version, you can play 3rd party libraries with no activation or licenses.

    With Player version, you can play them for around 15 minutes only.

    Let me know if it helped or if I missed something!

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    sorry to read that, unfortunately as far as i can see those 8dio libraries all need thew full kontakt 5.8.1 version. So you could try to buy a license used or give the 8dio library back and get a refund. What library have you bought.

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    Ohh this even needs kontakt 6 full version

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