How long does it take to get a respond from customer service on a refund?

Victor GH
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I purchased the MK3 Komplete Kontrol S61 about two weeks ago online. I received it last week and little did I know that the new MK 3 does not currently support the Sonoma OS on Mac. Long story short this keyboard is useless to me since it keeps crashing and I cannot use it in any capacity with Logic Pro X. Since there is no physical way of getting anyone with a heartbeat on the phone at NI ( since there is no customer service phone number) I put in a support desk ticket for a refund before the 14 days of purchase. It has been 5 days since I put in the ticket and all I hear is crickets!! Does any one know how long this process takes? Is there any other way to get a hold of somebody at NI that can offer customer service? I hope they are not stalling and letting time pass by just to tell me I did not return the hardware before the 14 days. I have looked everywhere on the NI forums and there is no real clear indication on how to do a return other than put in a support ticket! I can't believe such a renowned software and hardware company could be this negligent towards their clients.


  • Matthew_NI
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    If you submitted a ticket, you will hear back. It may take a few days, as they're very busy.

    Do not worry about missing a window - you submitted a ticket within the window.

    If you only reason for return is due to it not yet being compatible with Sonoma, it's worth noting that official Sonoma support is coming in Q1, hopefully February.

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