Kontakt Crashes Pro Tools

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I recently bought Kontakt and was trying out all the VSTs they have built in. Everything loads up and works fine except for two of them: Kontakt 7 & Retro Machines MK2. Whenever I try to open either of these, Pro Tools immediately crashes. It doesn't even look like it tries to run them at all, it just instantly crashes. I've tried opening both of these VSTs outside of Pro Tools, and they open up just fine, so it seems like it is a Pro Tools specific issue. I think that these VSTs have quite large libraries, so I could understand if Pro Tools took a while to open them or something like that, but I've just never experience an immediate crash like when I open up either of these.

If it helps here are the versions i'm running:

Laptop: 2020 M1 Macbook Pro running Monterey

Pro Tools: 2020.9.1


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    Someone on another forum let me know that my version of Pro Tools wasn't supported with my OS, so I updated and that solved the issues!


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