Phasis and raum keep reinstalling

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Ok 1st, this is maschine plus in standalone mode.

After 4 upgrades and a firmware update (had it since day 1) it slowed down, crackles at 30% etc. So i read and decided to do a system reset, and get a faster card (samsung pro 100 wr 180 read). Formatted the card on the maschine, copied my used card to the other one, and everything was fluent and fast again, even at 100 percent no crackling, i could add 8 more samples with fx untill i got crackles.

BUT when i went to updates it showed 3 things,fl 8,phasis,raum. Did fm8,had to restart,works. Did phasis and raum, noticed if i looked at ´all installed´,raum and phasis was already at 1.1.0,so i did the updates anyway, couldnt hurt and would clear the update list. Restart,went to updates,and again, it says ´raum1.1.0 requires restart´,same for phasis.

I can push the update button under button 8,then it downloads again,installs,plugin update is succesfull,restart is required to apply update. Push restart, go to effects raum and phasis are installed and load. Go to settings,library, available>all your products are installed> go to updates aaaanndd,phasis and raum are back again with a requires restart.

So i´m in a loop,whilst the latest version of r and p are installed,they keep coming back in the update list! So yes,my maschine is usable with everything,but this isn´t normal behaviour.

Oh and before you say it´s the sd card,i got it with the previous one also. I am thinking of formatting the card,and re download everything to the card, but isn´t the maschine soft and instruments and effects on the 32 gb internal memory?

That would be making the format/rediwnload/reinstall unusable. That´s why i ask you guys and native instruments if there is an easy fix for this,before i do this work that maybe won´t help. I read about similar problems,but no solutions. Thank you in advance.



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