Maschine mikro mk3

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Can someone help me? I just got my maschine mikro mk3. I followed all the instructions for setup but when i connect it to my macbook air, it runs its course with the lights and then immediately shuts off. What am i doing wrong?


  • 6xes
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    you likely need to have Maschine application downloaded and running....

    so assuming you have ran native access... and downloaded your paid version of the maschine software... you should be right!!

    check also inside your privacy security settings that everything to do with Native instruments or native access has permissions enabled...

    I don't personally own a mikro mk3... so if the above generic help doesn't work ... you will likely need more help from the support team or other Mikro mk3 users... or do a search on this forum to see what others have tried


  • Gerry Carson
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    Following as I have the same problem - not recognised in Maschine software or controller editor or firmware upgrade tool. Support ticket raised but hoping for a quick answer!

  • Gerry Carson
    Gerry Carson Member Posts: 21 Member

    Thanks - I went through this list but it made no difference.

  • Gerry Carson
    Gerry Carson Member Posts: 21 Member

    Update on my issue - I had the same problems connecting to Mac (USB C with a hub) and windows laptop (direct from unit to laptop USB) and none worked.

    However, before I returned the unit I bought a USB A to USB C (printer) cable and this has worked on my Mac. Still not working on the laptop as it only has USB.

    May be worth a try?

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