Streamlining improvement-verification cycle with cmdr for traktor

WarriorLite Member Posts: 66 Member

"Unlike on Mac, the MIDI port on Windows OS can’t be shared between applications. Only one application at a time can use the protocol. In other words: if you open Traktor with your controller, the MIDI Port will become busy to all other applications that use MIDI. So in order to use MIDI Learn in cmdr, you have to first close Traktor and then hit ‘Refresh’ for the Ports in the Device Editor."

Is there no workaround for windows? could that be done with some midi tool like midiox or bome?

I am thinking of shortening the implement-test loop as much as possible to verify changes on the fly. Based on the text above, cmdr is great for bulk changes (say, removing 1000 instructions based on the modifier they shared), unless you know clearly what you are doing -but as a daily tool but there appears to be no way to quickly 'load' new mapping and try it out. This midi sharing limitation further extends that cycle.

What is your process flow?

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