Which NI VST?: dance/pop ; chains ; snaps ; claps

Hi folks,

I have found this forum to be great at answering questions- saving me a ton of time and fustration so please accept another question.

I have the NI Komplete 14 Collector's Edition and its the first and only VSTs I ever had and in fact, just started using my first DAW- Reaper. It's overwhelming looking for things even with the sorting.

If anyone knows- can you point me to great NI names that have (different kits for each):

  1. Great dance-pop beats (bordering on techno but not really) for example in the later parts of this song: Avicii's "wake me up". Not the keyboard but the beats. Looking for one kit that I can use to do that
  2. Kits with great claps and also finger snaps that sound modern/cool without being cheesy/cheap sounding.
  3. I want to use chains in a songs beat. meaning metalic chain sounds. I can't think of a song example.
  4. a kit with beats similar to Phil Collins "in the air tonight" - that kind of menacing sound. and also Fever Ray 'Keep The Streets Empty For Me'

Thanks so much. all ideas welcome.


  • Milos
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    Komplete start has Factory Selection 2 which contains some fresh and free instruments for nearly every genre, including drum kits for your style of music!

  • shannonsmith
    shannonsmith Member Posts: 29 Member

    Thank you. I've got so much with the collectors komplete 14... was hoping someone happened to know specific kits, by chance. Thsnks

  • Milos
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    Well, Fundamentals can be good for pop music, and with some delay and reverb on time, some smooth techno!

    You can just layer couple of kits together to create newer sounds!

    Have a nice day creating epic drum patterns, good sir!

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