Need help with Komplete Audio 6

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I have a Komplete Audio interface with my Mac and a Rhode N1 as a microphone. It has worked well, but for several months now, when I try to record something with the microphone, the gain is very small. In fact, if I set the gain on Komplete Audio to maximum the input sound is so small that it is almost inaudible. What could be the problem?

Thank you.


  • Triggi
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    Hey Miaskovsky,

    there are many possibilities. Is it an mk1, mk2..?

    Is it a Rhode NT1? Is fantom power on? Do you use an xlr cabel? Perhaps its a problem with your usb cable/ hub/ port. Erase the driver and reinstall it. Is your mac os supported?

    For better answeres, you have to better describe your system, mac os, daw, and so on.

    Hope u'll get a solution,

    peacefull greetings!

  • Miaskovsky
    Miaskovsky Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

    Thank you for your answer. Now I think that it was a problem with microphone, not with the interface. I will check it. Thanks again.

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