Maschine+ audio sample recording and workflow

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Hey folks,

i'm lookin' for something to dodge computer with my band.

The question is if Maschine + is ok for this ?

I need to record my synth as audio files and playing it as backing track ?

If it's possible, can i record and play sample around 5 (10, 15, ...) minutes ? (the whole song in fact)

And, can i send midi pattern on live synth ?

Is that easy to switch from a song to another ?

Thanks a lot !



  • Peter Harris
    Peter Harris Member Posts: 470 Pro

    If I'm understanding your question properly, yes, I think all of those things are very doable.

  • olafmol
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    Tbh I would go for an MPC for this. It’s more like a stand-alone DAW compared to Maschine, which is more like a groovebox imho.

    Plus MPC’s midi routing and configurations are miles ahead of NI.

  • Peter Harris
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    Personally I find the process of recording new samples into MPC more laborious. But everybody's got their own workflow that works best for them.

    On the MIDI routing though depending on your situation that may be correct. Maschine doesn't easily support routing MIDI in so plugins like Scaler and Instacomposer don't work without an intermediary tool. Definitely high up on many people's lists of desired updates.

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