Waveform lag on Traktor Pro 2

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I have problem with Traktor Pro 2 waveform.

I installed and tried V2.10,2.11, they have same problem with waveform.

plug in and out my hardware Traktor kontrol S2 MKII nothing happens.All drivers up to date

A video with my problem:

Hardware info :

Gigabyte B450m S2H

250 GB SSD + 3 x 1TB Sata

OS : Windows 10 Pro (21H1)

CPU : AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6-Core Processor 3.59 GHz

RAM : 16,0 GB

AMD Radeon HD 7700 Series

Traktor Kontrol S2 MKII

Traktor Kontrol F1 x 2



  • Ryan_NI
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    edited April 2022

    Hey there - could you send screenshots of the following in your Traktor Preferences?

    • Audio Setup
    • Output Routing
    • Input Routing

    Also, does the issue persist when your devices aren't connected? When they are connected? Is there any instance where it doesn't happen?

  • Captain_Hook
    Captain_Hook Member Posts: 2 Member

    Thanks for reply Ryan

    I remember in my old laptop Lenovo G500 win7 32 bit i have no problems.There isn't a moment when it's not happening all the time.plug in-out nothing happens .same issue

    Here is screenshots

  • Kaiwan_NI
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    @Ryan_NI would you mind taking a look at this? 🙏

  • Ryan_NI
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    Hey @Captain_Hook - sorry for the delay, somehow I've missed this. Your preferences look good - could you try increasing the buffer size to 512 and see if it makes a difference though?

    You'll also want to optimize your computer for real-time audio processing, which can sometimes affect the visual display in Traktor - go through the steps in the link below to make sure you're all set and see if it helps with the lag.

    Windows Tuning Tips for Audio Processing

    if after this, the issue persists, I'd highly recommend going through this link then:

    Troubleshooting Audio Playback Issues on Windows Computers [VIDEO]

    The link above might help narrow down what might be causing the issue. Hope this helps!

  • zephry
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    edited April 2022

    Agreed with changing latency setting to 512 as stated above. Typically I have also set the Buffer to 3ms.

    The other thing to try is in Windows settings, you can usually specify what graphis card Traktor or any application uses. I am on Windows 11. But the option is still in 10. Here is a screenshot of how it looks in 11.

    Mine works in with the Nvidia just fine. But possibly the Power saving AMD might also be the better option. Test both cards to see if there is a change. I seem to remember issues with waveforms and graphics cards years ago. So it's worth a shot.

  • zephry
    zephry Member Posts: 548 Pro

    Oh! Also I have seen waveform stutter when recording into Audacity on the same PC and streaming OBS. I strongly suggest using another laptop or other ways of streaming.

    With my setup and my neighbors setup, we use separate laptops and recording devices for any streaming/recording.

    Using WiFi and all of the streaming off Beatport plus recording and OBS always causes some latency or graphics issues. No matter how expensive the laptop has been.

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