Glitch of Switching Through Other Instances of Komplete Kontrol

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I’m experiencing some glitching with Komplete Kontrol where it is automatically switching between other instances of the software on other Channels.

I’m also using a 3rd party NKS of Omnisphere, if that may be any reason of cause, but this wasn’t the case earlier.

This occurred until I loaded a 3rd instance of Komplete Kontrol with a SubLabXL plugin loaded.

This will interrupt my other non-KK channels where I’m just using the controller as MIDI and then it bugs out while I’m trying to play.

(Also, how do I upload videos on here, seems like it's not allowed)

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    Update (for now): I contacted Future Audio Workshop (SubLabXL manufacturer) and they provided me an updated version of the plugin. This corrected the issue so far. Not sure how or why it still affected a new Ableton session with no instance of SubLabXL, but maybe when I loaded SubLabXL into the KK for the day, it messed with the keyboard entirely. No idea.



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