user folders duplicates (maschine mk3)

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Some folders show as duplicates in the user library, one with the actual subfolders on the HD and other seems to be like just a few files from it. Also there's a folder that I set an alias name in the preferences, that is different from the actual folder name, and now there's the alias name AND the actual folder's name showing up. If it's something to do with tagging or something how can this happen ? Makes no sense to me.


  • D-One
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    Yes, tags influence the sorting... Click edit and check the tags.

  • dunego
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    I checked but there's no tags, I realized that the duplicates are in the Native Instruments's session on the user session, which makes no sense to exist at all lol. They have Native Instruments as "vendor" in the properties session, but I can't manage to remove that, when I simply delete and leave the "vendor" tab empty, it will automatically be set to the NI again.

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