There is an arranger in native instruments softwares?

Ignitus Member Posts: 3 Newcomer

Do you know keyboard like yamaha psr 700-900 / korg kronos etc. ? keyboards capable of emulating an entire band.

There is a native instruments sowtware capable of doing the same?


  • Milos
    Milos Member Posts: 1,864 Pro

    Do you mean Kontrol Keyboards by Native Instruments, am I close?

  • PK The DJ
    PK The DJ Member Posts: 849 Guru

    I think they mean auto accompaniment. You could probably get somewhere close by using certain NI products together, but there isn't just one product that does everything in that way.

  • Ignitus
    Ignitus Member Posts: 3 Newcomer

    Yes, i mean the accompaniment

  • geiger167
    geiger167 Member Posts: 26 Member

    Theres nothing exactly like an auo accompaniment keyboard, but UVI Program 24, Super-7 and Hybrid 6000 cover similar ground of having 4/5 part drums, bass, synth line, melody lines etc (I'm not endorsing UVI by the way, I dont thing Native Instruments really have anything similar and they are the nearest)

  • Ignitus
    Ignitus Member Posts: 3 Newcomer

    And something similar to some synthesizer like korg kross 2 , roland juno, or more expensive machine?

    Things like layering sounds, rhythmic and melodic pads

    Something with you can playing while having fun, without having to create a base with the DAW

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