Will Maschine + now perform better with new Cubase 12?

Mr Mahogany
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I've asked in the old forum if Maschine + was right for me. I want to off load some processing power from my older PC and run NI instruments, FX and expansions. Looks like Jef Gibbons has figured out how to do this using the new remote controller update in Cubase 12. I would get a Maschine + based on the vids workflow but I want to verify that if run this way the processing for Mashine sounds would be in Maschine+. Someone previously said that if a Maschine+ vst were loaded in Maschine then the computers cpu does all the work. Anyone know for sure.



  • Reefius
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    All that video shows is how to use Maschine in Cubase, but all the processing is still done by his computer.

    What you're asking (offloading processing power) is not possible with Maschine+.

    For what you want you need a second computer to host the plugins and something like AudioGridder.

  • Kubrak
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    You could possibly do some calculations on M+. But it is not easy and you would need pretty expensive audio interface....

    Generally, it would be cheaper to buy better computer and if you need also controller buy also Maschine Mk3, or whatever suits you....

  • Mr Mahogany
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    Thanks for responding. The video is actually an update of using Maschine in Cubase 12 now that there are customizable remote settings in Cubase. Seems like there would have to be a way to load a vst in Maschine+ , set it as a Cubase controller (with the vast loaded in Cubase) ,record midi in Cubase and then turn off the Cubase vst and let the midi play parts in Maschine +. I've had Maschine Mk1 since 2009 and time and time again the developers come so close to real daw integration only to miss a final step.

  • darkwaves
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    That video is about using maschine in midi mode as a controller for cubase. It's nothing that NI added. Steinberg decided it was time to join to rest of society in 2022 and give us a more flexible way to handle a control surface.

    There is no midi mode in standalone. Even if there was; it wouldn't change regarding your attempt to offload from your computer.

    That said; I'm very interested to see what people do once they start digging further into the javascript stuff that's available. I think Jef's video is just the tip of the iceberg.

  • Peter Harris
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    If you want to be using Cubase like Jef then I presume you're connected to a computer and you can be using M+ in controller mode. (In which case you're better off disconnecting the AC adapter from M+ altogether when it's in that mode and connecting to your computer via the M+ USB-B to USB-A on your computer.)

    Anyway, my point is that if you're using it in this way then the limitations that normally apply with M+ in standalone are irrelevant. You can really do anything and use any of the NI toolset. And from my understanding, yes, much of the processing does get done by your computer then.

    Or am I misunderstanding the question/scenario? If so I apologize.

  • ozon
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    @Peter Harris wrote:

    much of the processing does get done by your computer then.

    ALL of the processing is done by your computer then.

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