USB C cables to connect the S88 Mk3 to a Mac Studio

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This is a specific question that I haven't found the answer:

I have a new S88 Mk3 that is connected to a Mac Studio. The four ports on the back of the Studio are Thunderbolt 4; the two on the front are USB C. The supplied cable is too short for my music room configuration, so I am using a 10-foot USB C cable plugged into the back--Thunderbolt 4. It works fine.

So, I then used a 15-foot USB C cable, which is the length I really needed. It would not work in any of the ports (Thunderbolt 4) on the back of the studio, but works in the ports (USB C) on the front of the Mac Studio. I am thinking it could be the length of the cable (15-footer) may be too long for data transfer, or the cable(s) I have tried are not "full access", which as I understand, have additional wiring in the connections.

I have struck out trying to find the reason for the differences.



  • Jeremy_NI
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    @daveiam We usually don't recommend very long usb cables, there were issues in the past with MK2 keyboards and too long cables. Maybe check this article to choose a cable accordingly: Kontrol S-Series MK3: "You're low on power. Please connect a USB-C power supply"

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    Just leave it plugged in the front port if works lol :)

  • daveiam
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    Responding to Jeremy_NI:

    It isn't a power supply issue. I have added an additional cable to the power supply port just to rule it out--it doesn't make any difference.

    I have one USB C 10-foot cable that works in the rear Thunderbolt 4 ports, on my Mac Studio, and others (different brand) that don't. I just trying to figure out why. My guess is the cable.

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    My issue upon receiving an S88 MK3 yesterday was that the cable provided (round end) would not bring ANY power or MIDI from my Mac Mini M1. Both ports in back are Thunderbolt 3/USB 4 USB-C ports.

    Sweetwater contacting NI about a replacement cable.

    Was able to use my new iPad USB-C to USB-C cable and adapter to charge and USB-C to USB-A for MIDI.

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