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    We need to isolate the problem in steps. First off, you mention your ensemble being modified. Does the unmodified version of the ensemble load up OK in Maschine+, or does it crash as well? Can you post the .ens to this thread so that others can test if it also crashes on their maschines?

    Indeed, there were some talks about a possibility of opening up a "Reaktor in Maschine" type of subforum around here, but no idea what happened with it.. might still be some time before it manifests? At least we have some new sticky links on this subforum now, so things are slowly improving..

  • Infrabass
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    Thanks for the answers folks!

    I'm gonna share later a pretty extensive message about all my discoveries with Reaktor in the M+ but quickly I can say that I managed to rebuild the ensemble from scratch without any crashes this time, I'm able to switch snapshots or randomize Reaktor ensembles on the fly via midi CC which is awesome and I better understand how Reaktor and Maschine work together.

    Stay tuned!

    Have a wonderful day everyone!

  • tetsuneko
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    That sounds awesome! Looking forward to your more elaborate post

  • Infrabass
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    Hey dear Reaktor/M+ enthusiasts users,

    I'm close to finishing my documentation about everything I learnt about building, implementing and using custom-made Reaktor ensembles in the M+

    In the meantime, I ran into another issue today. However, I am optimistic that it may just be a mistake on my part.

    It starts with me wanting to map some M+ macros to my beloved Torso T-1 semi-generative external sequencer and the sad fact that we can't MIDI learn with the M+ in standalone mode.

    Ok it's not a big deal, I can make an exception and open my project on the computer to midi map the macros then save the modified project on the M+ SD card.

    BUT I encounter 2 issues.

    1 - On Maschine software, all my custom-made Reaktor ensembles were unable to locate the ensemble. I had to manually relinked them one by one 🫠

    2 - Even worse, after doing all my midi mapping, saving the project on Maschine software then opening it on the M+ in standalone mode, all my custom-made Reaktor ensembles were empty, like it couldn't load the ensembles.

    Clearly, there is an issue with the Reaktor ensembles file paths.

    How do you folks deal with that? Is it working correctly on your side?

    Here are a few screenshots of my directories settings in Reaktor, Maschine Software and the M+ SD card.

  • ozon
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    @Infrabass where exactly is the Ensemble located on your computer?

    However, I don’t remember whether there’s a solution for this problem. I’ve been reporting Reaktor User Ensemble path issues to NI since 2016, as I first encountered them while collaborating cross platform in two different studio environments.

  • tetsuneko
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    Ouch. That sounds like a pickle indeed.

    Could a possible workaround be to MIDI assign the macros first, and only then assign the macro targets within Maschine+ running in standalone?

  • Infrabass
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    Yes that's a gigantic show-stopper for me, I couldn't imagine that.

    I'm in contact with the NI support that have been really nice so far so we'll see if there is some hope.

    If we could midi learn and manage macros in standalone mode it wouldn't be such a deal-breaker for me as I didn't planned to use the computer at all except to record tracks in stems maybe, but I'm not sure those features would come in the near future (and might never be a thing 🥶).

    @ozon My ensembles are located in /Users/vf/Documents/Native Instruments/Reaktor 6/Ensembles

    I also tried to put them in /Users/vf/Documents/Native Instruments/Reaktor 6/Library/Ensembles

    and even in /Users/Shared/Reaktor Factory Library (hoping they would be treated as factory ensembles)

    …but nothing worked.

    @tetsuneko Great suggestion and for a second I had hopes but we can't midi learn empty macros and replacing a macro in the software remove the midi assignation. On top of that we can't manage macros in standalone mode: any new macro is added at the end of the macro page. 😞

    If you have a spare minute, could you confirm whether you also have empty custom ensembles when loading on the M+ projects created on the Maschine software.


    I'm a bit surprised no one mentioned it before (I basically read everything related to Reaktor and the M+ on the forum 😆)

  • ozon
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    @Infrabass those paths don’t match the path on the SD card of the M+.

    Try using

    ~/Documents/Native Instruments/User Content/Reaktor/Ensembles/

    on the computer and

    /Native Instruments/User Content/Reaktor/Ensembles/

    on the SD card.

    The „User Content“ is a known location and acts as root directory to find matching user content. If the path below User Content is identical, NI software should be able to resolve the location.

    If not, it’s a bug.

    PS: The problem is that Reaktor on the desktop doesn’t know this path unless you change the Reaktor preferences. I never tried that and have no idea whether it would break other things in Reaktor. I just manage the User Content/Reaktor myself.

  • tetsuneko
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    I have been able to manually relink missing ensembles on Maschine desktop whenever an ens I was using on M+ standalone happened to be missing from my (other) desktop system

  • ozon
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    That works most of the time. But when going from desktop to M+, I‘ve not been able to restore the missing ensembles.

  • tetsuneko
    tetsuneko Member Posts: 604 Guru

    great that you got it sorted! Still very much looking forward to your upcoming documentation :)

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