Do others experience problems with midi like hanging notes?

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If so, have you found a workaround or things to avoid like under clocking etc.


  • Sunborn
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    It can happened with ensembles who doesn't have a MIDI Off parameter (or have it but not correctly designed), but generally no, it is not that often.

    However, when it does, and i can't identify the problem, i use this Macro (as is, not connected to anything).

    Hope that works for you :-)

  • Studiowaves
    Studiowaves Member Posts: 448 Advisor

    Thanks, It appears to have an IC receive that I assume triggers a series of midi off notes. Perhaps all notes on all channels. The other input must a midi in and the circuit acts like a midi thru until a trigger is sent from an IC send. At least that's how I think it works.

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