my KOMLPETE offers- completely meaningless offers

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Hello- I have been an NI customer for many years and I started with KOMPLETE2. In the "my KOMLPETE offers" I see completely meaningless offers for products that I already own. I have already drawn the support team's attention to this several times and asked them to correct it. Unfortunately, the problem is not solved and when I ask for help, I get an unsatisfactory standard answer. As a professional user, I am used to a different kind of support and I wanted to ask if you guys have had similar experiences?


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    What's even more funny is that the prices for the upgrade are more expensive than the sale's full version price.

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    I noticed the same pricing problem on the website .

    "My Upgrade" from Komplete 14 Standard to Ultimate has exactly the same cost with a "Sale Price" Komplete 14 Standard.

    "My Upgrade" from Komplete 14 Standard to Collectors costs hundreds of dollars more.

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    It was so dumb yet so funny, I had to make a meme about it.

    I had too, because, you know, the pricing was too good (sarcastic).

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