Maschine MK1 doesn't work on New MacBook. Any help to get it to work?

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Just putting together my old Maschine MK1 setup and noticed that there is no Service Center anymore and that it just flashes once and doesn't work with my new MacBook Pro. I have heard there is a write up by someone on how to get this to work but I haven't found it.

Any suggestions would be helpful.



  • Matt_NI
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    The Maschine MK1 is no longer supported and I'm not sure if there is any workaround around. There was one for Intel macs but I assume you have M1:

  • Kaldosh
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    I saw the workaround for intel Mac was working for M1 Mac too. Same procedure. Though I have no time to find you a link. The info was actually on the old website. Hope someone is gonna pass by and help you keep this nice Maschine mk1 active 😉

  • Matt_NI
    Matt_NI Administrator Posts: 1,082 admin
  • Kubrak
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    Also, you need Native Access application to install Maschine SW and Komplete Select/Selection plugins. Service Center does not work anymore.

  • Kaldosh
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    Thanks Matt, those devices need to give as long as they can, they are all amazing and usefull for many things even video editing !!

  • Christoph
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    did that work for anybody working with an m1 macbook pro on monterey?

    I tryed with the link above but i could not get the mk1 working.. Anybody found another way?

  • barri
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    Has it worked for anybody?

    So sad such a capable hardware is no longer supported. Had to buy the Komplete Kontrol M32 but the workflow does not keep up with the one I had using the Maschine.

  • Rocko Royal
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    Im really bummed out over here. I used to use my MK1 8 years ago with my 2008 IMac. I wanted to get back to beat making and bought me a brand new Macbook 14" Pro. I was devastated to find out its not supported anymore. You would think if you buy something you should be able to use it until it breaks. Blower!!! : (

  • tato
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    Same for my Mac Pro 6.1 with Monterey it works with de 2.8 drivers but in my MacBook Pro M1 Monterey it doesn't... When I try to install the driver it falls in the last steps...


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