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naushadj Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

Hello everybody. Hope we have an expert session guitarist strummed acoustic in the community.

I am trying to make a rhythmic pattern for a 7/4 composition. That is there are 7 quarter notes in a bar grouped by 3 2 2. So I can have the rhythm played like this

1 . . 4 . 6 .

The numbers represent where the strong beat is (a strum can be played there). We can also add some weak beats/soft-strum on the weak beats.

With the length adjustment and shifting feature I can't make this type of pattern. One option could be to use two different patterns with shorter lengths to make this but it will be hard to use.

Is there any way I can delete the solid or empty circles or insert new ones in the 32 position patterns. Can I use any native instruments editor or something to make the edits? This will give me the most flexibility.

If that is not an option please suggest me how I could make a 7/4 pattern.

Thank you!


  • Brad Yost
    Brad Yost Member Posts: 350 Pro

    The patterns in all of the Session Guitar series are WYSIWYG. The selection of odd time signatures & odd strums are non-existant.

  • naushadj
    naushadj Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

    I already know a workaround (mentioned the how-to in my post) but basically looking for input as to if there are any NI editors with which I can delete/insert the white/black dots. Thanks for your input but you are incorrect because you certainly can modify the patterns by shifting the circles - except it is limited.

  • Brad Yost
    Brad Yost Member Posts: 350 Pro

    As I said, the patterns are what they are.

    Yes you can alter start & end times of a pattern loop to try to make it fit your timing requirements, but editing the u/d strum/rest/choke pattern can't be done. Unless you try to crack the scripting in the library engine. WYSIWYG.

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