Mapping CDJ 350 funktioniert nicht

Manu171996 Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

Hallo zusammen,

seit dem neuen Traktor 3 funktioniert mein Mapping für die CDJ350 nicht mehr. Es wird zwar angezeigt dass Traktor ein Signal wahrnimmt, jedoch passiert nichts - wer kann helfen?

Danke vorab!




  • Stevan
    Stevan Traktor MIDI Maps Moderator Posts: 1,523 Expert

    You might need to re-import your TSI (mapping file). It sounds like you upgraded from Pro2 to Pro3 and your mapping didn't transfer automatically.

    Just open Pro 2, save the TSI and finally import insind Pro 3. Don't forget to assing In-Port and Out-Port of the Controller Manager - that's common issue. If that doesn't work than we need more info about your full setup.

    FYI. This forum doesn't have an auto-translate feature so you might want to use the translator like I did to try to help you out :)

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