UI issues with some Native Instruments and iZotope plugins.

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Hi. We're working on adding system scaling per-window in FL Studio and some NI and iZotope plugins aren't scaling correctly.

As you can see, FM8 and Ozone 8 are scaling as expected. Ozone 9 and Super 8 are not- So I'd like to ask the staff, is there anything about the UI that changed from Ozone 8 vs 9 or FM8 to Super 8. Anything that would make the windows system scaling not affect them at all, and instead stick them in the lower left corner? The controls are scaled perfectly. They are interactable with the mouse where they would be if the UI had scaled correctly.

DM me if you do not want to discuss this in public but our lead developer Frederic has reached out to our contact weeks ago and hasn't gotten an answer.

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