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So I paid a service fee to have my S49 Keyboard be replaced with a refurbished tested one. It was shipped on December 23rd, and it was delivered on January 2nd. NI customer support told me they would send me an email once my malfunctioning keyboard was received, and I never got one. They also said it would take about 72 hours after they inspected my keyboard to ship out the refurbished one, but it’s been well over 72 hours at this point. I sent them my shipping number on December 23rd, and I sent them the “proof of delivery” I got the other day, but I haven’t heard from anyone since December 21st. I just came here to see if there is anyway someone who works for NI could help me get an update on the status of my replacement keyboard. Thanks!


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    This is really a very short time. Usually such operations take a full month to complete (within Europe), even more overseas. This is the normal case. However, this was on a holiday season. You can't seriously expect people working on holidays right?

    Also if you check their website you will see this:

    So, sit back, relax and be patient. Maybe there have 500 cases before yours. When they are ready, they will respond.

    By the way, i am talking from experience. I had a very similar case in 5 of September, also with an S49, it went nuts and send it for replacement. It came back to me beginning of October, which i consider a very short period. I never searched for it. When they were ready, they send me a response mail and a week later my gear was here. So, personally i have nothing but good words for NI support.

    However, it is your right to deserve an answer. So please get in touch with @Jeremy_NI from Customer care.

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @chauntea I've escalated your case, someone should get back to you as soon as possible.

  • chauntea
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    No I don’t expect people to work on the holidays! This is my first time shipping in a piece of my gear to be replaced. I have no problem waiting, but I was just expecting to get a confirmation email of some kind saying that they received the keyboard. and thanks for the info.

  • chauntea
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    I’ve just been antsy since it took a month for me to get my original keyboard in the first place, just to have to send it in to support because it didn’t work. And no I don’t expect people to work on the holidays. I just expected some kind of prompt updated response from support once my keyboard was delivered at their facility saying they actually received it, that’s all! Thanks for the info though!

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