Maschine MK3 does not map to Makie control?

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The host cubase controller has a mask MK3 machine Jam

Control cubase through NI's Controller Editor software settings

As shown in the figure, MK3 has already set a button as a parameter for makie control, but there is no response to it. The settings in cubase seem to be fine, as shown in the figure.

And currently, the new midi mapping function in Cubase12 is not unresponsive (midi learn is unresponsive)


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    first, you´ve set too much midi ins and outs under the midi tab, you don´t need to activate all this for sure, it even can cause problems. I would start to disable some and then add back if you miss it.

    second, mackie is different in any daw to a degree, but basic things will work - first add the mackie template here:

    be sure the template is active, with the two buttond under browse and sampling on the left side, you can switch between different pages/controls like mute, solo and volume. Mackie is too complicated for writing here everything you can do in cubase. If you are interested, i´ve made a mackie template for maschine studio and some info stuff i collected over the years about mackie, you simply could copy stuff fropm my template to your maschine mk3. The cool thing about maschine as mackie controller is, that it supports the display.

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    Thank you Uwe303. The Makie Control template has been added now. But still all of Makie's controls, such as recording Mute and other operations, are not working? And I also tried to use only the MK3 machine. Do we need to connect a power source?? (It doesn't seem like it's a big deal) I'm currently only using USB

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    So you´ve loaded the midi template, pressed "Shift" + "Monitor" (button over screens), now you shopuld see the mackie scribble scripts and the names of the buttons and pots. You´ve added, under "remote control (lecacy)" a mackie device and set "maschine in" and "maschine out 1" as midi in and output devices. Try then to press group button "B" or "C", use the lower two rows of the 16 pads, you should now mute or solo channels. But mackie control is a bit complex, too complex to write it down quickly here, i can´t promise anything (!!) but i´ll try to do something about it. Maybe colour code the pads and group buttons yourself, i´ve done it and it helps a lot, once you´ve figured out whats going on.

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