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Using headphones with the plus in standalone

Jada364 Member Posts: 3 Sine

Hello, hopefully someone has the answer to this problem? I prefer standalone mode I use wired beats headphones and it used to be fine. Now all of a sudden bass and other sounds are so low they are inaudible. IE the project needlz trap that project is heavy in bass yet even if you cut the volume up high all you mostly hear is the higher stuff. Now again it used to not be a issue, I even tried reseting a d it's still the same. Did something change in the software I missed? Or better yet is it a way to cut the channels back so I can hear the whole thing again? Also non powered headphones don't work period is that a thing or is something else wrong?



  • ozon
    ozon Member Posts: 702 Saw
    • How is the sound from the line outputs to a mixing desk or audio interface over monitors? Does that sound ok?
    • Do your headphones sound ok with other sources (phone, mixing console, stereo)?
    • How is the sound from the M+ headphones output on other headphones?
    • Did you try to change the volume of the headphone output?

    I don’t understand what you mean by powered headphones. Headphones are in general not powered (passive) except for those with noise cancellation.

  • Jada364
    Jada364 Member Posts: 3 Sine

    Powered as in yes noise cancelation, and yes they sound fine with other sources, if I hook it up to my pc it's fine. Previously it used to make crackle sounds occasionally using the headphones if that helps? But now the drums and bass sounds are low and inaudible.

  • ozon
    ozon Member Posts: 702 Saw

    Then the headphones seem to be ok. What about the other questions?

  • Jada364
    Jada364 Member Posts: 3 Sine

    I didn't try the other options I strictly use the headphones for the portable feature, and it's a way to use standard head phones? I just figured you had to have some that provided some type of way to make them louder?

  • Astralbeats_225
    Astralbeats_225 Member Posts: 38 Tri

    The loudness of the headphones a lot of the time depends on the impedance of the headset ie 25ohm headphones instead of 250 ohm headphones. With 250 ohm headsets you would probably need some amplification/ headphone amplifier. I use regular headphones with my maschine + in standalone all the time. Are you sure you didn't mute the bass by mistake or turned it down in the mixer?

  • Peter Harris
    Peter Harris Member Posts: 360 Saw

    I had something similar happen when I was using high-end wireless headphones and a low latency Bluetooth adapter. But eventually I discovered that it was the Bluetooth adapter plugged into the machine headphone output that was causing the problem. Serves me right for trying to use a Bluetooth adapter for audio production anyway! As soon as I went back to normal wired headphones the crackling stopped. (For me at least.)

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