REVISIT: Previous versions of recently updated Kontakt libraries with K6 older libraries

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I am a 'victim' of the change in the sound of Jupiters Organ in Ethereal Earth 2.0 Specifically the sound of the patch is different using K6 versus K7. Like others, I purchased K7 and updated from K6 to K7 as there was no other path offered. Next, using the plugin with Logic Pro 10.8.1 on a Mac M3, Sonoma 14.., the sound of the above patch was now thinner, noticeably less distortion heavy and basically un-expressive compared to the wonderful patch using the K6 sound engine.

So I did the download from the G-drive and virus scanned it myself, however I get the following popup message:

So, even with a proposed solution, I cannot get back to where K6 and Ethereal Earth 2.0 Jupiters Organ patch will return to the correct sound. I have three songs ready to mix down and post/publish but decided to update to K7 first. I won't be doing that ever again!

So NI, please help. For the rest of you, I sent NI two .m4a files playing the same midi file with K6 and K7 and the Jupiters Organ patch. They acknowledged there is a big difference. This is not to shame NI, but maybe others can try it out and see. I have several songs that use that patch. Sad to say I have not published any of them yet... Please NI give all of us afflicted by the upgrade degrade a way out. Thank you.

P.S. It would help all of us, your loyal user base, if you give a non-upgrade option rather than paying for an upgrade that ends up being a downgrade.


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    Time to eat a bit of crow!

    I was able to open the downloaded file after adjusting some security settings on the macbook.

    Running Kontakt 6 and Logic Pro 10.8, I created a project with Ethereal Earth 2.0, Kontakt 6 plugin and used the Jupiters Organ patch. HALLELUJAH! the sound is back baby! 😀

    This was on an Intel based Mac. Now I hope to rinse/repeat on the M3.

    I hope this helps someone?

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