KOMPLETE 14 - Question about upgrade price

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Hi there,

I want to upgrade my version of KOMPLETE 14. I have the SELECT version, included with my hardware stuff.

With the new year special offers price, it's the good time to upgrade. But i don't understand the price that the eShop show me.

For the STANDARD version, with the offers, the bundle cost me 299€

For the upgrade from SELECT to STANDARD, it cost me 399€

Is there any difference in the content or it's maybe just any calculator 'bug' ?

Thanks in advance.



  • JFKen
    JFKen Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

    Screenshot of the eShop options for K14 Standard on my account....

  • Midori
    Midori Member Posts: 5 Member

    Hey, I think they have a problem with their pricing. I don't understand why the upgrade cost more then actually buying all plugins new (also the one that are included in Komplete Select). For me it's the Same and some people here Waiting for an answer from NI.

    I can upgrade my complete Kontrol version from 13 Ultimate to the 14 STANDARD for 399€ or can buy the 14 Standart Version completely new for 299€. That make no sense. There also a Meme about this :

    So Yeah, I would go with buying the Full Version instead of upgrading your Version. But I don't know if there are any differences. So I guess you must wait until Native or anybody who knows exactly what is going on answering this post. Im Sorry Dude

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