Komplete Kontrol in Logic Pro linked plugin windows

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I might have missed this but did a quick check and couldn't see anything on it:

In Logic Pro, we can "link" plugin windows so that if we focus on another track, the instrument for that track will take the place of the previous one, in the same window. This prevents the UI from becoming too cluttered and means we have to open and close fewer windows.

When KK is the instrument, this doesn't work very well: when we select another track, the linked plugin window goes black and stays like that until (after KK has initialised) we click on it to give it focus again. This is a real workflow slowdown, to the point that I'm thinking of just using Kontakt 7 instead. With that, the plugin window immediately switches to show the other track's instrument without issue.

I wonder if people can confirm this and whether @Jeremy_NI or others at NI can say whether it is something that can be fixed at the NI side rather than the Apple side.

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