Plugin window sometimes just black in Logic since 3.1 / Bug KBDSW-7816

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Since Komplete Kontrol 3.1 I have started to experience that the UI for the loaded instrument doesn't load. It's all black. I can still hear the sound though... Seems to happen more often with play series, but not sure. Usually starts to work if I restart Logic.

Macbook M1 Pro, Ventura 13.5.2, 32 Gb ram, S49 MK3

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  • Jeremy_NI
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    Hey all, Komplete Kontrol 3.1.1 was released yesterday and addresses the issue, please update in Native Access.



  • Jeremy_NI
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    I wasn't able to reproduce the issue on my M1 Macbook. What version of Logic are you using? Can you reproduce the issue in Komplete Kontrol in standalone? With Kontakt in Logic? Are you using an external monitor?

    Do Logic, Komplete Kontrol and Kontakt all have full disk access? How to Enable Full Disk Access on macOS

  • frankspappa
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    I'm using Logic 10.8.1.

    I have enabled Full Disc Access, and just opened Logic to try it out. Plugin-window was black but since another user reported that he waited up to 10 minutes, I decided to wait and after about 30 seconds the UI showed up. This was with Deft Lines.

    It feels like it started to happen with 3.1 but it can of course also be the Logic 10.8.1.

    I haven't experienced this in standalone yet.

    I will also try to reproduce it in Cubase 12.

    Get back to here if I find something.

  • frankspappa
    frankspappa Member Posts: 13 Member

    It's not just the Play Series by the way. Just now had the same 30-60 seconds delay with a third party plugin.

  • frankspappa
    frankspappa Member Posts: 13 Member

    @Jeremy_NI I

    I can only reproduce this behaviour in Logic, but it is my main DAW so it's very annoying.

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @frankspappa Yes, we're starting to see more reports. We're investigating the issue at the moment.

  • apsande
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    Same problem here with MacBook Pro M1 Pro. Only happens in logic with KK 3.1. Kontakt is fine. Can also repeat on my Intel Macs.

  • Jeremy_NI
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    I was finally able to reproduce the issue. Bug is filed. Trying to get more info from the devs. Will update as soon as we get more info.

  • adamgray
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    This is the most insane thing. I can't make music anymore...

    I cannot use Komplete Kontrol in Logic at all now.

  • cdion
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    Just to say that I am experiencing same issue. Below are info about setup and software. I can usually fix it by closing and reopening - after 3-4 try, the screen show up normally.

    • MacBook Pro M1
    • Sonoma 14.1.2
    • Logic 10.8.1
    • Komplete Kontrol 3.1.0
    • Controller komplete mk2 S61
    • external monitor

  • blomquist
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    Same thing here. I noticed that the controls are still active though. I can e.g. click where the libraries button would be and this opens the libraries window. same for the other (hidden) buttons. My system is:

    MacBook Pro M2 Pro

    Sonoma 14.2.1

    Logic 10.8.1

    Komplete Kontrol 3.1.0

    Kontrol S88 MK3

    External monitor

  • boriskaufman
    boriskaufman Member Posts: 14 Member

    Same issue.

    MBP M1Pro 14 10/16

    MacOs Sonoma 14.2.1

    Logic 10.18.1

    Komplete Kontrol 3.1.0

  • CHADxD
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    Samesies with the black screen in logic - Mac Studio M1 Ultra Sanoma 14.2.1.

    My S88 Mk3 also freezes frequently since Sanoma update. Using OWC powered thunderbolt hub plus additional power to keyboard from surge protector directly plugged into wall outlet. This is still my favorite keyboard and so happy to have it xD

  • boriskaufman
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    Perhaps could you give us a previous version installer to solve the problem and not wait, as somebody said, we need to work right now, could not wait. thank you

  • Jeremy_NI
    Jeremy_NI Customer Care Posts: 8,801 mod

    @boriskaufman Sorry, I hadn't thought about that, here is an installer for Komplete Kontrol 3.0.3: Komplete Kontrol 3.0.3

  • Kymeia
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    I have also reported serious graphics issues with many plugins in Logic and KK 3, not just the black screen reported above but also issues with parts of the GUI going missing and plugins not resizing properly. It only seems to be in Logic and mainly when switching from browser to plugin view, you don’t have that issue in 2.9 because it doesn’t have this silly view switching paradigm

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