Help with komplete audio 1 problems

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I own a komplete audio 1 and am having big problems with my audio interface when connected to my desktop pc and am currently going crazy.

Please help me.

So basically when the interface is connected to my pc it has all the following problems:

- very loud and annoying hissing sound from my active speakers

-the microphone just does whatever it wants to besides work properly (the volume goes randomly from completely fine to complete silence randomly and stays like that for a while just to go back to working fine for a few seconds and then all over again)

- sometimes i hear a strange hissing sound in the headphones when i move the cursor and some times even when just in idle

i have tried the following solutions:

-returning the audio interface to Amazon and getting a new one (didn't solve the issue)

- buying a thingy that lets only USB data pass through and takes power from an outlet (didn't work)

- connecting the audio interface to my iPad seemingly solved everything, but i want to use it with my pc and using it with the iPad is useless for me

- reinstalling the drivers didn't work

-trying an older driver version also didn't work

To anyone who helps me, I say thank you because I am literary desperate at the moment.


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