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I have 2 versions (latest vers.) of Kontakt 7 on my pc. One inside my DAW, which is Cubase Pro 13 and one standalone version. Now i have been trying to figure out why they are different in a specific way? So can anybody please help me?

When i have the standalone version open and i click the FILE tab, this pulls up a window where you can set various things. Now i am interested in the options for AUDIO and MIDI settings, like setting up your midi keyboard etc etc? Now that is fine, they are THERE TO CHOOSE? BUT? When i open Kontakt 7 ( which is the same version!) inside Cubase and go to the same FILE tab, the options for AUDIO and MIDI settings are MISSING!!????

Is there any chance someone could please explain why this could be and/or happen and what i have to do to put it right? This has only happened recently, and i have no idea how? As i mentioned, they are both the same up to date versions, but i don't understand how one can show these options but the other one doesn't? At the moment, my midi keyboard won't work with kontakt inside cubase as i can't set the midi options etc?

Any help would be much appreciated, because, i have to be honest, i am confused?

Thank you (in advance) for any and all responses.

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    The version inside Cubase doesn't need the Audio or MIDI settings. They're both sent to the Kontakt VST from Cubase so you can't change them inside the VST. Why do you need to change them in the VST?

    -- Mike

  • INDY61
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    Hi Mike,

    Thanks for your reply!

    I did not know that you didn't need them, so thank you!

    I was trying to or wanted to set it so that i could play my midi keyboard with vsts inside kontakt, because it is not recognising it at the moment, but if i use another vst like the SINE PLAYER or SOUNDPAINT or the OPUS PLAYER inside cubase, i have no problems?

    Have to say, it is not all kontakt instruments that won't let me use my KKS49 though?

    Has the version inside cubase always been that way, cos i feel sure that i have done this in the past on previous versions of cubase? Of course, i could be wrong, this is,after all, not my better subject?

    Thanks again, regards.


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