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Using Logic Pro, all of the Logic Pro midi external instruments sound fine. I load Kontakt 7 and I feel a slight delay from my midi keyboard but it's just a minor annoyance. I load Noire and the sounds are nice and present when I click on the sounds listed on the right panel. Once I load a sound, the sound is nice and present when I click onto the virtual keyboard at the bottom of my screen.

But when I trigger the sounds from my midi keyboard it is faint, and I seem to hear more effects than sound.

I'm an idiot and am sure this is simple. Advice would be welcome.

Using Sonoma,




  • Milos
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    Could you please record the audio for the instrument having too much effects and the audio of the instrument not having much effects?

  • chk071
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    I assume you don't press on your keyboard's keys hard enough. Like all sample pianos, Noire is velocity sensitive.

    If, in general, you have to use too much force to play your keyboard, try changing the velocity curve (which should be covered in your keyboard's manual).

  • speziak
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    Thank you chk071, I hope you are incorrect as I've been playing keyboards and the piano for years and this is the only soft synth that is giving me this problem. But I will up the velocity and see if that brings more "meat" to the sound. Thanks!

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    Perhaps you just need to turn up the volume. Normal playing gives average velocities of 50 - 80. When you click near the lower edge of the Kontakt keyboard you'll get velocities near max (127). (Try clicking on the upper half of the Kontakt keyboard, see what happens)

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