Native Access: Cannot access "installation paths"

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M2 MacBook Pro, macOS Ventura, 1tb storage, 32gig ram.

I am running the latest version of Native Access 3.8.

In Native Access, nothing happens when i click the 3 dots to the right of a product. This should bring out preferences where i can re-install, change paths etc. Nothing happens, the GUI does not respond.

If i go to the main preferences pane, it's the same, nothing happens when I click “File Management”, “Legacy Products”, or “Usage Data”.

I want to access the File management as I only have 1tb internal storage, so using external storage for all the Maschine expansions is preferred.

I tried the legacy version of Native Access, but when it launches, it says it needs to update.

When i click "start update", nothing happens so i cant use the old version to see if i can access installation paths.

On my Mac Studio i dont have this problem, its just on my MacBook Pro, same OS (ventura).

What can i try, is this a permissions thing?

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