Issues with the Kontrol s-series mk.3

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Hello there. I’ve just received my new kontrol s88 mk.3, and everything was awesome until I was going to try it out. I always use Logic Pro X when playing/composing, and have been using my old kontrol s88 mk.1 until today.

I have read many threads discussing some of the same issues I’ve been facing on the website, but no solution seems to work. When I first tried launching Kontakt 7 in Logic it crashed instantly. I tried to troubleshoot by my self first - turning on and off the KS88, scrolling through settings and trying to figure this out. It appears this is impossible, at least on my MacBook Pro M2 with Ventura.

Komplete kontrol opens, the browser works as intended, but the prehear-function works half of the time, and the keybed is unresponsive when I try to play. No key lights up, and no input is shown in Logic - the keyboard shows up in MIDI-Ports.

I also tried komplete kontrol and Kontakt 7 as stand-alone. Komplete does not open, I get the message “One of the files this plug-in needs cannot be found, please reinstall or contact technical support for assistance”. I hit “ok”, and it behaves just like before. Kontakt 7 opens, but behaves like komplete.

When I press the settings button, the keybed is responsive. I managed to come across the MIDI-setting, which can be switched between MIDI 1.0 and MIDI 2.0. This actually worked - the keys are now responsive, there’s sound, but the interface is only 4 strips of volume bars. I wish to use this keyboard as intended.

I then tried to check MIDI 2.0 in Logic, but now Logic freezes every time I load a preset.

Yes, I’ve tried everything - NIHardwareAgent is running, deleting the sc. file, I have updated the firmware, the MIDI-ports are obviously on, the keyboard seems to be correctly connected and the keyboard is recognised.

Can anyone help me? I really want to start using my keyboard! I’ve also sent a request to NI-support team, but no answer yet.


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    Hey I bought a package with the S series and Komplete Ultimate and the Komplete Kontrol program continues to crash my Ableton with a high GPU spike when you close the plug in within. This seems to be the exact same issue with my DAW and NI KK integration.

    Ive watched 15+ hours on Abelton integration, NI connections, every single page of troubleshooting, PC optimization- nothing Ive done or have been told to do has helped. Im sitting around with an expensive standard midi controller that cant use any of the software.

    There are tons of other individuals with the same issue making our product completely useless for the purposes we all purchased them for: DAW integration and navigation of NI instruments and sounds. I am not statisfied with a standalone KK only- we record in DAWS and Im sitting here for over a month with no true support on fixing this issue with a product that is not working as advertised.

    2.9.6 does not have this issue, but the MK3 is not compatible for any browsing integration. Its like we are locked in our purchase with no way to utilize what we purchased or return it.

    I hope anyone who is currently trying to purchase or thinking of purchasing the MK3 in its current state sees the issues and either holds off or decides to purchase another integrated controller.

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    Came across this thread, while not being able to use the Midi 2.0 function, no midi is send out anymore. It helped me to turn it back to Midi 1.0 in the Kontrol Hardware.



  • Maciej Repetowski
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    In Logic Pro X, Midi 2.0 implementation is bugged and there are problems with some non-NI plugins, too. Best to untick it in options, both in Logic and on Mk3 for now.

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