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Impossible to activate my license plug in alliance when I open Logic Pro. (10.8). I don t Know . All is installed via PA Installer manager . Impossible to contact the support native or PA


  • Milos
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    Elaborate a little bit more, please.

  • matgm
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    i installed plugin alliance installer. All m’y licences are actives on my mac. But i can t use when i open software ( Logic) . Thé licence is not found .

  • PoorFellow
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    Quote "I'm not able to activate my licenses" : "there is probably a permissions issue with the directory where the license file goes. In that case, you can right-click on the Application Support folder, select "Get Info" and try changing permission settings, or you could try getting help from Apple Support." .

    Else , have you tried to open the plugin in a stand-alone app first ? I don't know what app that you would/could use but if there are nothing else then try a free plugin host ! (I have a paid one myself so I wouldn't know what free is best and especially not for Mac since I don't have that either). At least you might be able to determine if it is a problem with the activation or with the using with the DAW..

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