New user - Trouble Getting it Running?

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I am using Cakewalk by Bandlab, familiar with VST's, but cannot get anything to work in Native Instruments Komplete Start? Appears to be a file path problem? Kontackt comes up in Cakewalk VST locations but no interface and no sound? ... I have tried again and again to install, re-install, delete etc...NOTHING? I am obviously doing something wrong, Can someone please advise on how to setup the libraries correctly so they work in my VST folder... C:Program Files/Cakewalk/ VSTPlugins ANY help would HELP Thanks Rusty2


  • Milos
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    So, you are saying that you can't hear any sound from your DAW, right?

    Maybe you should experiment with different audio engines.

    Let me know if it helped.

  • mykejb
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    So you can see Kontakt in your plugins list, you can add it to a track but you don't see any UI? Do you see a black window where the UI should be? If so check this article - KONTAKT 7 FAQ – Native Instruments ( - it's most likely the graphics card needs updated drivers.

    If it's another problem, like not being able load Kontakt as a plugin at all let us know. Do other instruments from Select like Massive work ok?

    -- Mike

  • Rusty2
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    Hi Mike, cannot load Kontakt plugins at all? everything else (Cakewalk + other VST) is working normally? With VST's the content is put in Programs and the .dll is put in VSTplugins? When I do this with Kontackt I get nothing ? No UI, No Sound? Any advice would help... Thanks Ross

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