After macOS Ventura update the new music/playlists are not transferred to TRAKTOR PRO3

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Hi there

Sorry, I'm not the king of software..... :-) I need your help!

After "iTunes" has been changed to "Music" also the whole path to my library has changed.

Objects being in my library BEFORE the update to macOS Ventura are usable in TRAKTOR PRO 3 when marking "Use legacy XML iTunes library" (check the picture). All my purchases AFTER the update to Ventura are no more in this path. So I can't synchronize my library in TRAKTOR PRO 3.

How can I have a path to my full library again from "Music"? What I have to do??? Thx for your help!


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    Untick that legacy setting in Traktor as you are on MacOS you won't need to use this anymore.

    Backup your music files.

    Delete the XML previously referred to as It's no longer used.

    At some point your MacOS database/Library should have been migrated to /MacIntosh HDD/Users/YOURUSERNAME/Music/Music and this will contain "Music Library.musiclibrary" and other hidden plist files.

    It looks like you are using to keep your files and folders organised. I wouldn't suggest that, and I cannot really advise if you want to keep things the way they are currently.

    What I do suggest is moving all your actual folders for music files outside of /MacIntosh HDD/Users/YOURUSERNAME/Music/Music/Media and stopping from keeping your tracks organised or copying across to this directory anytime something is added. It creates an utter mess.

    1) Create a new folder in your home Music path (e.g. "/Users/YOURUSERNAME/Music/DJ Recordcase" )

    2) Drag all of the files previously located folders containing files in your /Users/YOURUSERNAME/Music/Music/Media to the above suggestion.

    3) -> SETTINGS -> FILES -> untick the following:

    4) In, You should be able to click 'Songs' on the left and select all songs, delete everything in your without deleting from hard drive, be sure by testing a couple first, just remove from the, and then because you have dragged them elsewhere, you can add them again.

    5) Make sure everything is removed, and no playlists remain. Start blank. Add folder to the collection. -> FILE -> Add to Library -> Choose your new folder which is not controlled by (e.g. "/Users/YOURUSERNAME/Music/DJ Recordcase" which contains all of your moved files, and then use to maintain the tags and metadata only. Looks like you'll have some library management to do after this.

    You should see this nicely reflect after you close Music.App, the DB will save, and you open the Node in Traktor.

    I'd be interested to know if you would prefer to let organise your collection verses you having full control over a referenced folder you have added to the Library?

    6) Just finishing add the new location in Traktor Music Folders (e.g. "/Users/YOURUSERNAME/Music/DJ Recordcase" ) which should no longer contain "Media.localized" or anything like that. and import collection and check consistency

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