Session Guitarist kits and sounds to Maschine+

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I will made some modern countryrap style music on Maschine+ and there are some perfect drums and sound kits in the Maschine+ expansions, but I miss better accoustic and steel guitars, dobro, banjo and telecaster EG sounds. They are perfect in Session Guitarist libraries, but how can I put it to the Maschine+ user sounds and kits folders on the SD card? Is it possible transfer Session Guitarist sounds, riffs, kits to Maschine+ format via Kontakt? Thank you for help me, please.



  • D-One
    D-One Moderator Posts: 3,021 mod

    No, not possible.

    In your shoes, I would wait for the Auto-Sampler update that is coming soon to make some Maschine multi-sample patches out of Session Guitarist Melody; for chords you could try sampling a bunch of chords and use them as one-shots, or loops.

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