KK S61 MK3 + Logic Pro X hangs when in Midi 2.0 mode

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On a MacOS Sonoma 14.2.1 running Logic Pro X 10.8.1. When Midi 2.0 mode is checked in settings on Logic and KK MK3 is switched to Midi 2.0 mode, Logic hangs(spinning ball) when a note is played on the keyboard even if a default logic(non-Kontakt) instrument is chosen. Also no sound is generated. Logic has to be force quit and restarted without KK MK3 connected, switched back to non Midi 2.0 mode and KK switch back to Midi 1.0 for things to work normal.

I thought MK3's big feature is support for Midi 2.0, so its disappointing that its not working.

Anyone has the same issue? And when can we expect a fix?



  • Linzdp
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    This is the setting in Logic

  • Zenda
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    Correct, No midi transfer (whether Logic nor Ableton, nor KK standalone) if MK3 is switched to Midi 2.0. Plus Logic freezes while starting.

  • Maciej Repetowski
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    Midi 2.0 in Logic Pro X is borked. Best to untick the tick for now, until they debug it properly.

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    Same issues with Intel Mac OS 14.3 and KK S61 Mk3. Assuming there is still no fix.

    I got the S61 about a week ago and had it working with MIDI 2.0 as far as I could tell until I upgraded to Mac OS Sonoma last night.

  • Maciej Repetowski
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    I love Logic, but untick that tick 🤣

    Apple's Midi 2.0 implementation is unworkable at the moment. So this one is on Apple and not on NI.

  • Kymeia
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    Are there any hosts that properly support MIDI 2 yet, afaik only Multitrack Studio and maybe Cubase do (since Logic's support is clearly flakey).

    My understanding is MIDI 2 support in the MkIII keyboard is not fully activated yet, probably due to the lack of DAW support, you need both really otherwise it's pointless (and plugin support of course as well, how many plug-ins support MIDI 2?)

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    Well thanks to you all in this thread cause I would have been screwing around with this all day and I not seen this response. Confirmed that unticking MIDI 2.0 (setting 1.0) in both Logic and in the S61 hardware settings got me back up and running.

    This is my first Native Instruments device and this issue appears to be on Apple, but this experience hasn't been as plug and play as I would have hoped at this price point. However, once it's finally working this thing is NIIIICE! Much more useful than the Akai MPK 249 I stepped up from (I could never get the knobs and faders on that thing to work with Logic).

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