traktor S4 MK3

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dear all.

i have S4 using last 2 years and now play button not giving me the click sound.but still its working and its hard to press. do i have to replace ? which modal number i have to order? please advise


  • D-One
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    By the looks of it's just a regular tactile switch, (6x6x5) @7min mark, not 100% sure but... about 95%. :)

    You can buy tac switches in any electronics store and they usually cost about 0.10 cents a piece, some websites sell them for insane prices with the NI name attached... If you don't have experience soldering I don't advise you to do this yourself, if you mess up the PCB then it's bye-bye controller or expensive repair.

    Either send it to NI to repair which will cost you a pretty penny if it's out of warranty, or just go to your local electronics repair store..

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