Traktor Scratch Pro 2 - Customer Service

I am trying to contact customer service. I am currently having problems with operating Traktor Scratch Pro 2. 

I can open the program but I cannot play the (2) turntables and mixer. The program will allow me to drag the .mp3 file to the decks/phonos tab but the decks/phonos or turntables do not play.

This occurred also in December of 2022. The problem was documented on a support ticket. I have an account with the Native Instruments. The turntables and mixer were connected correctly to the interface but the decks/phonos or turntables did not play.

Please forward a customer service phone number to assist with the problems with Traktor Scratch Pro 2.

Thank you.

Moses Z. Johnson, Jr.

President & Chief Executive Officer

Amani Technology Group, LLC

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