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I got a used S61 Mk1 plus KOMPLETE 11 Select and both are legally transferred/registered to my account (at least they are listed as registered products in my account). However where do I get the "KOMPLETE 11 Select" from? "Native Access" doesn't offer it for download even if the account says that it is to be downloaded from there? Or do I need a USB Dongle?

Any ideas?



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    Komplete Select consists of a number programs and libraries that when registered to your account will occur in Native Access for download but there will not be anything in Native Access that says Komplete Select as little as it says Komplete Standard , Ultimate or Collectors Edition.

    Anyway , your Komplete 11 Select serial if not already registered should be shown at the My Products and Serials page and if not registered to your account already then copy the serial and add it in the Add Serial in Native Access which should then show the products connected with K 11 Select for download. (Notice though that some things could be obsolete/End of Life now and and may no longer be available or not supported , I don't know)

    Also then there is a sale going on so now is a good time to buy an Upgrade if you want e.g. K 14 Standard or an Update if you want Komplete 14 Select. And when the Select 11 is registered to your account then present prices for updates and Upgrades are shown at the My Komplete Offers page ! I have no idea what were included with K 11 Select but you can see present content of Komplete 14 bundles at the compare page ! (please notice the difference between Update and Upgrade)(Also also always check Specifications for system requirements prior to buying anything if you should consider that!)

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