Parallel waveforms load only 10-15 bars

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Hi Traktorists!

I am experiencing a problem which is not critical, but makes my UX quite uncomfortable. When I load track to a deck the waveform is displaying only 10-15 bars. In order to make remaining bars visible I have to "scroll" track forward. Sometimes remaining part displays sharp (when I use jog for navigating forward), sometimes blurry (when I use beat jump knob on my Traktor S4 mk3).

Audio works ok, no freezing, no lags, no high CPU load, the only problem is that every time I load track I have to navigate forward and then back. This is quite annoying.

Changing buffer size or sample rate in "Settings/Audio Setup" doesn't change anything. Tracks bitrate also doesn't seem to change anything - both 128kbps and flac tracks behave similarly.

Is it a known issue? And if yes - what is the suggested solution to this problem?

On the screenshot below I loaded 2 tracks:

Deck A - I jumped about 16 bars forward and then jumped back to "grid" hot cue.

Decl B - I didn't jump forward. All tracks look like this right after loading.

SPECS: Traktor 3.10.1 16, MacOSX Sonoma 14.1.1, MacBook Pro 16, w/ Retina display, Intel i9, with plenty of RAM. Resolution is default 1792x1120. Issue is reproducible with both Integrated (Intel) and Discrete (Radeon) video cards.


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