How do I move Komplete 10 from external drive to internal drive

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Im trying to move my sample libraries and library receipts from my lacie external disc drive to my samsung SSD internal hard drive on my macbook

I tried to simply move it by drag and drop(which took 2 hours to copy everything over) but when i disconnect my lacie drive and pull up an existing session it cannot find the files and even when I search it won't find them so i ended up deleting the files from my SSD and kept the files on my external drive to start from scratch but now i'm a bit lost

starting to think i'd need to uninstall komplete 10 totally and install on my SSD, but I don't know if i'd need a new serial number to do that it i cannot release the existing one and just use it on my new hard drive

reason why i'm doing this is when I use multiple instances of komplete 10 or have a session with a lot of tracks it glitches and stutters so bad I can't even properly work on my sessions

I installed on the external hard disc drive in the first place because this was before I upgraded my internal drive to an SSD, i'm thinking maybe if I install komplete 10 on my SSD this might solve the issue, then again i'm using an ancient macbook (from mid 2010) I do have 16gb of ram upgraded so I feel it shouldnt be stuttering when multiple tracks are in use but I should mention my cpu is only 2.4ghz which could be the issue wondering if its worth the hassle to reinstall on the SSD, let me know if anyone has a good suggestion or if I got the right idea


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    Hi Sunken0887, I just re-installed all my NI on a new Mac Studio. I simply went to NI Access and redownloaded all. It took quite a while, perhaps a day, but everything works. You will also be sure that you will have the most current. I was going from an older Mac Pro (Intel) to M2 Studio, so the most current versions was best path IMO.

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    I have a Physical boxed version of komplete 10 that comes with the hard drive and usb cable, should I just install that onto my SSD? I dont think NI Access would have it for me to download but I could be wrong, and thanks for the answer

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    After you transferred the library, did you go in Native Access and redirect it to the new location? All of your installed item will show a repair button on the right. At the top you should get a "relocate all" option and if you hover your mouse over each repair button, you should get a "repocate" option which you can redirect each plugin to the corresponding new library location.

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