Maschine plus isn't loading anything

Justinsamuelklein Member Posts: 7 Newcomer

I got it brand new from store.

Followed instructions.

After native access and registration and update and all of that I went to go and actually use it.

There doesn't appear to be anything on the SD card that it came with. My question is.. is this an easy fix ?

Literally all the instruments and things I thought came with it just won't load and it says on the screen can't load.

I'm wondering if there is

A way to put all of the files and everything that's suppose to be on the maschine plus, onto it ?factory reset isn't helping either

And just so I know. Maybe I didn't register it properly the website wasn't working well while I was trying to.

Do all the instruments actually have to be loaded onto the maschine or does it come with them on there? Could the update have removed files ? Is it possible I jumbled everything up from my computer through native access????

I just have no idea I just bought it and brought it home and it just isn't working and I feel like it could possibly be an easy fix. If anybody knows how I can just pump a nice full reset with files included into my maschine plus or some other way to fix this issue I'd really appreciate it



  • PK The DJ
    PK The DJ Member Posts: 845 Guru

    If you updated to 1.5 then this is a known issue for some. I see you've found the other thread and posted there. If you message @Alexios he can send you some files that will fix things.

  • Justinsamuelklein
    Justinsamuelklein Member Posts: 7 Newcomer

    You know what. I messaged@Alexios

    He sent me 3 files to be put onto the SD card. And aswell as specific instructions. And wellah ! It actually worked so yes anybody that has this issue the fix is to get those three files then put them on your SD and follow instructions. Thank you so much all figured out now.

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