Happy Holidays, musicians!

Milos Member Posts: 1,855 Pro

To all who read and see this, go celebrate the New Year with your families, friends, neighbors and loved ones!

To all of you!

Happy Holidays and may God bless you all!

With love and kindness, Milos!


  • Maciej Repetowski
    Maciej Repetowski Member Posts: 369 Pro

    Happy New Year from Sri Lanka (holidays) !!!

  • ArtisanS
    ArtisanS Member Posts: 15 Member

    Thanks for the sale and the voucher. Great upgrade from 13 CE to 14 CE for a song and a dance. Love the new instrumensts and expansions, while the rest of my country (The Netherlands) was trying to blow up the place (and sometimes succeeding 😕), I was downloading a few thousand CD's worth of precious content 😊.

    One small thing though. If you (NI) make good intentions for the new year, make balancing the volume of instruments and presets to a standard volume, one of them. Not a major problem, but just a minor disturbance.

    Happy new year to all involved, from the customers, over the developers, to the members of the user board and even the staff 😔. Much wisdom and creativity to all.


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