why dont work my audio analys?

Hello everyone

I'm having a problem with my audio analysis in Traktor Pro. When I buy a song and listen to it in itunes, it sounds normal. But when I play the song in Traktor it sounds weird. The tones and basses are there, but the level of the song changes irregularly. Sometimes up and sometimes down and all this in a short time. So I can't make a reasonable adjustment of the volume. I've already tried everything with driver update etc. I followed the steps that native Instruments recommended to me on the website. Can anyone help me further? Thank you very much in advance


  • Uwe303
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    do you see a fader or knob moving on screen, does it happen on all decks. Do you use a controller?

  • mykejb
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    If you're running Windows 11 I there's an outstanding problem with Apple format media. I don't think it's something NI can fix.

    Big problems with M4A after updating to Windows 11 22H2 - Microsoft Community

    -- Mike

  • Heiri Arnold
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    @Uwe303 I don't see any change in the faders, but what I can see is the waveform that changes irregularly and thus affects the volume. please look at the picture.

    @mykejb What can I do about it?

    Thank you for all you answers!

  • lord-carlos
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    I think Microsoft is working on it. The link mykejb provides says it will roll out to windows 11 in February.

    You could transcode the files from m4a to mp3, that will also work.

  • Heiri Arnold
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     do you know how I recode it?

  • Uwe303
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    There is a program called "free audio converter" but I don't know how good it is if you try to convert big libraries of files.

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