Effects anomaly with two X1 mk2s

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My hardware is a Xone 96 with two X1 mk2s. I'm running Traktor Pro 3.

I have the two controllers connected and four decks enabled. I have four FX units selected. I'm in 'External' mode. Send and return channels are not assigned. I have the deck assignment on X1(1) set to C-A. I have the deck assignment on X1(2) set to B-D. (I do this to have my main A and B channels in the middle and supports C and D on the outsides.

I noticed that on both X1s one of the effects appears as a 'ghost' on one of the OTHER X1's decks.

This is what happens when turning FX(x) on with ALL FX1 and FX2 buttons ON on all 4 decks:

FX1 -> C, A, D

FX2 -> C, A, B

FX3 -> A, B, D

FX4 -> C, B, D

Further, with ALL FX1 and FX2 assign buttons turned OFF on all 4 decks, the ghost still appears on one of the decks. This is what happens when turning FX(x) on one-by-one:

FX1 -> D

FX2 -> B

FX3 -> A

FX4 -> C

To test this, disable the FX 1 and FX 2 assign buttons on both X1s. Select an effect for all four FX units. Start turning the effects (top button on the FX rack, not the assign) one by one.

Is this a known issue? If not, can the bug be named after me? Am I doing something horribly wrong?



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    Do you still need help with this? Not sure if @Ryan @ NI is familiar with this issue? 🙂

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    Hi, thanks for checking in!

    I'm just using it with 2 FX instead of 4.

    One issue is you have no control over one of the channels with the ghosting issue.

    The other, having 2 sets of 2 effects that only apply to 2 (3 if you count the ghost :) ) channels out of the 4 make the 4 FX option almost redundant and much harder to work with.

    Ideally 4 FX would work the same as 2 FX. You turn any on and they appear return, regardless of which X1 they are on and what channel on the mixer you're sending from.

    If it's fixed, great. If not, it's what it is.

  • Ryan_NI
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    Hey! We haven't been able to reproduce it on our end - it's possible that we are also misunderstanding how to reproduce the issue in the first place.

    Would it be possible for you to send over a video explaining the situation and how to reproduce the behavior? This might help us get a better understanding of what might be happening. Thanks in advance!

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