Pad View and Keyboard View in the Pattern Editor?

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On the MK 3, if I load multiple instruments on different Sound slots and use a single pattern to play in notes in Keyboard there a quicker way to switch between the various Keyboard Views for my different slots (instruments) that is more convenient than:

Keyboard Button>Pad Mode Button> desired slot with pad....>Keyboard Button>Pattern Button ?

On the software it's really easy with the two small grid and keyboard symbols in the Pattern editor.



  • D-One
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    Humm... You can use the Select+Pad combo to change the Pad In focus so you don't have to leave the Pattern Editor, this combo works for all Menus, it's a way to avoid too much menu switching, very usefull for when your example you're loading sounds in the Browser too.

  • ginko
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    Yes that's it, thanks.

    Day one on the hardware for me...appreciate the support here.

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